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Your Company Profile is an important part of your Credit Repair Cloud account. The details added to your Company Profile will be visible to your clients and affiliates on their portals and on your client agreements.

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To start, make sure you have the following:

Why would I want to set up my Company Profile?

This is a very important process since the information that you provide will be visible to your clients and affiliates on their portals and client agreement.

How do I set up my Company Profile? - Step by step

    1. Click on My Company at the top or go to

    2. Make sure to fill all fields in the form


      a) Company Name: This would be the name of your credit repair business.

      b) Website: In case you already have a website, you can enter it here.

      c) Address fields: This would be your business’ physical address.

      d) Time Zone: Select the time zone for your account.

      e) Phone: This would be your business phone number.

    3. (Optional) Enter a Sender Name


      By default, automated notifications are sent from the account holder's name and email address. You may designate a different name (or a company name) and email for all automated notifications sent by entering a Sender Name and Sender Email.

    4. (Optional) Enter a Sender Email

    5. (Optional) Enter the Name/Company that your client invoices should be payable to

    6. Click on Submit


What you can do now:

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