Onboarding my client
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Got your first client? Now what?

In this article, we’ll go over how to create a new client profile, how to onboard a new client, turn on portal access, assign your client to a team member, select a client agreement, and much more.

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To start, make sure you have/complete the following:

Create a new client profile - Step by step:

First of all, congratulations! Now print out the PDF chart you just downloaded. Use it as a guide to follow as you start to work with Clients.

Follow the steps outlined below to add a new client profile.

    1. Click on Add a New Client under Quick Start

    2. Complete the form with your client’s information

    3. Under Status, select Client

    4. (Optional) If you need to assign this client to a specific affiliate, select the affiliate under Referred By

    5. (Optional) Right below Assigned To you can select the team member(s) that will be assigned to this specific client

    6. (Recommended) Set Portal Access to On

    7. Select an Agreement from the dropdown menu


      Important Note

      Your agreement choice for a client can be reset once you set it here if needed. We do not recommend selecting "No Agreement" unless this is for a free client. Choosing “No Agreement” will lock the client profile from being able to have their agreement reset.

    8. Select English or Spanish as the Portal Language for your client’s onboarding process

    9. Click on Save


      This will save your client’s profile and send an automated email so they can set their login details.

Client Tasks & Onboarding

To learn how to turn on the onboarding tasks for a client, please read this article.

Your client will receive an email with the subject “Login Credentials for Secure Client Access.” Upon accessing their portal, clients will be able to set their password, sign their client agreement, and complete the Client Onboarding process. Your clients will also be able to complete their onboarding using their mobile device where they must upload a photo ID and recent proof of address.

What you can do now:

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