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How do I change team member permissions?
How do I change team member permissions?
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As your credit repair business grows, you will need to assign your staff to different roles. It is possible to customize what areas of the platforms your team members can see and edit.

In this article, you will learn about:

To start, make sure you have the following:

How do I change team member permissions?

  1. Click on My Company


  2. Click on Roles & Permissions

  3. Click on Manage Permissions next to the role that you want to edit

  4. Check or uncheck the permission boxes as needed


    There are permissions for nearly every section of the platform.

    Important Note

    Each team member is assigned a role. By default, there are three basic roles with assigned permissions for what they can see and do. Clients also see the role of the team member assigned to them. To assign a different set of permissions, add a new role, give it a name (like "Customer Service" or "Account Manager"), and assign any permissions you like.

  5. Changes will be applied immediately upon checking or unchecking a box

Can I edit the permissions of the default/preset roles?

All accounts have default roles with locked permissions. It’s not possible to edit the permissions of the default roles. These roles are the Admin, Credit Specialist, and Sales Representative.

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