How do I sign up for the Start Repairing Credit Challenge?



If you’d like to explore the Start Repairing Credit Challenge offer, click here.

If you have any questions about the sign-up process, please see the general instructions below.


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How do I sign up for the Start Repairing Credit Challenge?

  1. Go to

  2. Fill out the signup form with your First name, Last name, and Email address.

  3. Click on the Join The ‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge button.

    srcc 001.png

  4. Watch the video presented by Daniel Rosen, our CEO, to learn about the special FREE VIP ACCESS offer and unlock your 30-day Free Trial of Credit Repair Cloud.

    srcc 002.png

  5. Click on the YES! Upgrade Me To VIP! button.

    srcc 003.png

    If you don’t want this offer, click No thanks, I don't want the VIP experience.

  6. Fill out the form accordingly and click on NEXT.

    srcc 004.png

  7. (Optional) Check the boxes for the ADD-ONS if you want to add any to your order.

    srcc 005.png

  8. Enter your payment details.

    srcc 006.png

  9. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to proceed with your purchase.

  10. Click on COMPLETE ORDER.

    Important Note:

    Your purchase may take up to 60 seconds to process. Do not close your tab/window during this time. Once your order goes through, you’ll be redirected to the thank you page shown below.

  11. Watch the video and follow the instructions and prompts on the confirmation page.

    srcc 007.png

    Make sure to create your training account, join the Facebook group, enable Messenger notifications, and add the calendar reminders.

    srcc 008.png


  Important Note:

If you experience any errors during the checkout process, please clear your cache and cookies and try again or email us at


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