Part 4: Creating dispute letters for client



This is how you create a dispute letter

  1. Go to the Client Dashboard
  2. Click on Run Credit Wizard
  3. Select 3 - Create Dispute Letters


Wizard 3 is where you generate all dispute letters for clients. It auto-merges client/credit data into a perfect dispute letter in seconds.

All new clients start with a Round 1 Dispute, so if this is a new client, in step 'A' select "Round 1: Basic Dispute (Credit Bureaus)". You can also select "Round 2 (or higher): All other letters (Credit Bureaus, Creditor/Furnishers or Collections)" for other cases.

Next, in step 'B' you can choose the following:

  • "ADD NEW ITEM" to manually add the items or
  • "ADD SAVED/PENDING ITEMS(S)" to use items you've imported from an online credit report

From then, continue to step 'C' to generate and save the letters.

Here is a video to show you how to use the Dispute Wizard 3


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