How do I import credit reports manually?


This is a great option if your client brings you a report that is in a format that cannot be imported (or a PDF).

Contrary to popular belief, adding dispute items manually requires very little typing so it's nearly as fast as importing. FYI: This is how our software worked for 10 years before we ever added the import feature.  It's surprisingly fast because the only text you're typing the account name and number (example XXXXXXX1234).  

Other than that, the  rest is the same as a full-import, because you're making the same drop down menu choices that you'd be making had you fully imported the report. That's why it's surprisingly fast.  With this method you can use any 3 bureau credit reports that you like! Here's how:

  1. Log into your client's dashboard
  2. Click on Run Credit Wizard
  3. Choose Wizard 3 (Disputing Errors)

Follow the steps in this video:


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