Why send everything by snail mail?



Can’t I save time and submit disputes electronically?  

Yes, that would be easy, but unfortunately, rushing credit bureaus is not going to get you better results – in fact, quite the opposite. The biggest credit repair companies in America process millions of clients and they still send paper letters by snail mail. Why?  Because it’s time-consuming for the credit bureaus to handle in the limited time allowed. As a result, they have better results for their clients.

Bottom line is this:  Credit Repair Cloud is cutting edge, but credit repair itself is low-tech. It works best by paper mail.  So for the foreseeable future, we have to overwhelm the bureaus by physically mailing the letters to them. The goal is to get the best success rate.

And, after all, a high success rate will keep your customers happy – and paying!

Send a letter now – get that revenue stream going at Credit Repair Cloud

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