How profitable can a credit repair business be?



Would you like to calculate potential earnings with recurring revenue? Please continue reading to learn how to use our calculator.


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How much money can I make with a Credit Repair business?

Run this Credit Repair business Profit Calculator and get some projections!

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your “first work” fee in the first field

    This can be left at zero ($0) if no fee will be charged at the beginning of your service.

    First work fee field

  3. Enter the monthly cost of your service in the second field

    Monthly fee field

  4. Enter your estimated number of clients for your starting month in the third field

    Estimated number of clients for the first month

  5. Enter your estimate for new clients each month in the fourth field

    New clients per month field

  6. Enter your estimate for monthly cancellations in the last field

    Cancellations per month field

  7. Lastly, you can enter the number of years that you would like to see the projection for

    Number of years for the projected revenue

  8. Under Projected Average Revenue, you will find the following average calculations:

    Average Lifetime Revenue Per Client: This is the average spend per customer before they cancel their subscription.

    Churn Rate: The annual percentage rate at which customers stop the subscription to your service.

    Monthly Recurring Revenue: This is the average monthly revenue that you will collect from your customers based on the estimates you input in the calculator.

    Average calculations


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