Where do clients order their credit reports?


The first step with each new client is to obtain fresh new reports from all 3 bureaus, but the question we’re often asked is: Who orders the reports and where do you order them from?
Answer: When a client orders their own reports, they don’t suffer a hit on their score. 

We asked some of the biggest credit repair firms and there are basically two ways they handle report ordering:

Most companies have the client sign up for Credit monitoring and then they ask the client for their login details and security word.

Other companies have the clients sign a power of attorney letter and order the reports for them, but that's rare because these providers do not want credit repair companies ordering credit reports for clients. These are consumer services.

Credit Repair Cloud will import online credit reports from several different providers:

  • IdentityIQ 
  • Smart Credit 
  • MyFreeScoreNow 
  • MyScoreIQ
  • PrivacyGuard 

Most of these providers charge $1 for a trial with instant access to all 3 reports and scores. We recommend that you have your clients maintain their credit monitoring service for as long as necessary, as this will help you through the credit dispute process.

What if your client has Credit Reports from another Provider or a PDF?

Credit Repair Cloud also allows you to enter credit report items manually. Just take a look at this quick video:


*Please remember that we are not affiliated with these providers of credit reports.  We are only providing this information to be helpful to you.  Your client is ordering the reports. We are not a part of that scenario. When you print and send your Round 1 letters from the Dispute Wizard, be sure to include copies of the client’s photo ID and utility bill. Just like that, you’ve now done the main first work for your client and set up a revenue stream from them! Hopefully, this was helpful to understand how to help your clients to order their credit reports. 

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