Why aren’t my secure messages being sent?



Secure messages do not send ever.

That's what makes them secure.

This is an unusual concept for many people because they confuse "secure messages" with "email." To make it clear let's repeat that thought: Secure messages are not sent. That's what makes them secure. A user must log in to see secure messages.

Agreements work the same way: Clients must log in to see them. They are never sent by email. They never leave our secure server. We patterned our secure messaging after Bank of America. They send you an email letting you know that you have a message waiting for you and that you can “log in” to your account to see it.

Credit Repair Cloud is not an email program. It doesn’t replace outlook. You cannot write an email message in Credit Repair Cloud. The only “emails” that Credit Repair Cloud” sends are short generic auto-notifications with login details, updates, and requests to log in to see a secure message. 


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