What happens after round 1?



Many people ask us what happens after you send a round 1 letter?

How do I respond to the bureaus? How do I update items? What about other rounds?

These are all great questions. Let's simplify this logically:

For each dispute letter you send, your client will get a letter back (that they must share with you). That letter will always explain what was removed (or not removed) and why.

Here are the 2 ways most people will proceed:

  • SCENARIO 1 (If you're notified that the Item was removed):  If an item was removed, that's awesome! Just go to the "Dispute Items" page and change the status to deleted. Click HERE to learn more about that: Once you update the item to "Deleted" status, your client gets a notification and you look like a hero! 
  • SCENARIO 2 (If you're notified that the item was not removed): If the letter comes back and says that the item was validated, that's when you might want to challenge that validation, ask for proof etc. This is when you will send a "Round 2" Letter (or higher).

What's a Round 2 (or higher) letter?  A "Round 1" letter is sent to a Credit Bureau and it can be about several different items on the report (up to 5) and it is only sent to Credit Bureaus. A "Round 2" letter (or higher) is about one (1) item and it can be to the credit bureau or to the creditor/furnisher who is reporting the item.

Which Letter to choose? We recommend that you read through all the Credit Repair Cloud Library Letters. Know them better and pick favorites (by clicking the heart icon). Choosing which letter or tact is appropriate for each situation is not something we can tell you because every client and every situation is different.

Creating a Round 2 (or higher) Letter If you started this client by importing their report, you don't need to import again.  All the items are still there.  The Round 2 letter is a follow up to the item you already disputed in Round 1, so that item is already saved to the client's records in Credit Repair Cloud, so Just go directly to Wizard 3.

A)  Choose Radio Button #2 for Round 2 and then choose Bureau or Creditor/Furnisher.

B) Choose just one (1) saved Pending Item. Remember a Round 2 letter is about 1 item that you already disputed in the first letter, so it should still say "Pending."

C) Choose an appropriate letter from the library. Click next and there's your letter.

If you have any last minute changes to make to the letter, this is the time to do it.  Add or delete text and modify this final version of the letter. When it's ready, save and Print.

To further your Credit Repair Education Learning which letter to choose is something you will gain with experience as you continue on your path as a Credit Repair Expert. Having a high success rate is important to client satisfaction.  Learning more about your craft will increase your success rate and your revenue.  We definitely recommend that you visit the list books and training resources at the American Credit Repair Academy.




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