Importing Credit Reports vs Manual - Which is Faster?



Want to use credit reports from any report provider in the world? You can!

Our software can be used many different ways.  We want to provide as many options as possible. So you can IMPORT or add items manually. The choice is yours.  Here's info about both:

"Importing" credit reports looks cool, but it's not faster.

Contrary to popular belief, adding dispute items manually in Wizard 3 is usually much faster than importing them! Additionally, you can use ANY credit report provider in the world (which will make your clients happy).  Importing adds many extra steps.  Whereas when adding dispute items manually, you never leave Wizard 3. See below for a video comparison.

8 biggest benefits to using the manual option in Wizard 3:

  1. Use ANY Credit Reports from ANY provider.
  2. No need to ask your client for login details.
  3. No need to be concerned with changes a report provider makes to their site.
  4. No need for a special browser
  5. No need for a special browser plugin
  6. No need need to copy and paste any source code
  7. You can even use an iPad.
  8. It's faster than importing!

Why is it faster to add items manually in Wizard 3?

When you add a dispute item manually, you do it all in Wizard 3. All you type is the creditor name and the partial account number that you see in the report (Example: AMEX XXXXXXX1234). Then click the dropdown for "Reason" and "Instruction" (Similar to when you import). Typing a Creditor Name and a partial account number that is mostly XXX's is super fast. This is how our software worked for many years before adding the import feature.

What is the benefit of "Importing" a Report?

The only benefit of "importing" a report is that you copy the "positive" items as well. But since you're not disputing the positive items, importing them is not important for credit repair.

Here’s a side by side comparison of MANUAL vs. IMPORT:

Manual (from start to finish):

STEP 1 and done!


Importing (from start to finish)


Import the report source code:


Tag the disputes in the Import Preview Page:


Create the letters in the wizard


Yes importing a report is cool.  But it's not always necessary and it's definitely not faster. And it's also nice to be able to use ANY report that you like.

Since many folks ask:

Updating items later

Q: 1 month later: How do you update the status of a dispute item?

A: You click on the item to change the status:

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