How can clients choose what to dispute and why?


“Client’s Choice” is a feature some of our bigger users (with thousands of clients) have been requesting. The idea is simple:

  1. Import a credit report for your client
  2. Your client receives a notification to log in and make choices.
  3. The client logs into the portal and chooses the items to dispute.

“Client’s Choice” is optional and not for everyone because it adds extra steps for clients. Only activate “Client’s Choice” if you understand it and feel it’s necessary for your workflow.  Activate Clients Choice globally in My Company>Client/Affiliate Portal>Client’s Choice.

*NOTE: If you're just starting out, you probably will not want to start with “Client’s Choice” module just yet as it does make the flow more complex.  If you only have a few clients, take time to talk to them personally about each item they want to dispute and why (and take notes).

Remember, it's a people business. This 1-on-1 attention is how you will build word of mouth referrals and grow your business faster. *Want to scale to thousands of clients? Read our recipe to scale. 



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