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We always love hearing from our users! If you have any suggestions for new features, we would be delighted to hear about them. We need your feedback to build a better product.


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Where should I submit my feature request?

If you have ideas for new features, improvements, or ways to make Credit Repair Cloud better, please feel free to submit them by filling out our Feature Request form.


How do I submit my feature request?

  1. Go to

  2. Enter a short descriptive TITLE for your request


  3. Enter the DETAILS of your request

    To best help our product team, please think of the following questions when filling the details field.

    - Why is this feature important to you?

    - What is the problem that it is causing around your usage of our product?

    - What benefits would you see from having this built?

  4. (Optional) Click on the image icon to attach a file to your feature request

    You can upload .gif, .jpg, .png and .webp files. Max size: 8MB.

  5. Click on CREATE POST

  6. Log in to your account or complete the signup process (it’s completely FREE!)


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