API Integrations with Zapier and other software


*IMPORTANT NOTE: You may notice old documentation in Credit Repair Cloud mentioning “Chargebee.” However, Chargebee recently changed their business model to Enterprise which resulted in severely spiked fees and they began rejecting CRC users. We no longer recommend Chargebee. As an alternative, we suggest Billsby as your super simple and more affordable option. You can learn more here.

If you're still using Chargebee, you can follow the steps listed here, but please know that the integration may be discontinued at any time.


Integrations enable your Credit Repair Cloud software to share data and trigger actions in your other cloud-based software products. 

This is one of the greatest features of cloud computing, but before jumping in, it's important to know what is possible and who will build it.

Our API can be used to:

  • Create custom web lead forms

  • Trigger emails from your other software

  • Start email marketing drip campaigns

  • Send a text message to a new client

  • Bill your clients

  • Sync your 3rd party CRM to your Credit Repair Cloud

  • and more...

*It's important to remember that there are anti-spam and privacy laws that you must follow. You cannot send unwanted texts or emails to people who have not given permission to receive them. Never buy lists of leads and be extremely cautious before doing any outbound marketing with your other software.

If you're just starting out your business

Start slow, learn our basic software first, and don't get sidetracked on integrations, just yet.  You will not need most of these tools today (or during a free trial). However, if you're building a large-scale operation with a call center, support staff, fulfillment department, and more, integrations will help you to grow and scale much faster, without spending money on building custom software.

There are 3 types of integrations possible with Credit Repair Cloud

Pre-built integrations, Zapier integrations, and Direct integrations. Here's what each of these means:

1) Pre-Built Integrations


Important Update: Mailchimp and Chargebee has recently changed their Terms and Conditions and they no longer provide services to Credit Repair businesses. We recommend using Zapier integrations as an alternative to Mailchimp and Billsby for processing payment. 

2) Zapier Integrations

zapierzohocrmsugarcrmtwiliosalesforce Zapier is one of the greatest tools on the internet. It's like a matchmaker for web apps. Since we are integrated with Zapier, you can use it to integrate Credit Repair Cloud with over 500 popular cloud apps with no programming necessary. In fact, Zapier makes new integrations nearly easy as snapping together Legos. This opens up endless possibilities of automation with Credit Repair Cloud. This is one of the most exciting reasons we build software in the cloud.

With Zapier you can integrate Credit Repair Cloud with apps for:

  • Billing, Accounting, & Invoicing

  • Bookmarking

  • Charting

  • CMS

  • CRM

  • Customer Support

  • Developer Tools

  • Ecommerce

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Email Marketing

  • Event Management

  • File Management

  • Forms

  • Games

  • Help Desk

  • Instant Messaging

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing

  • Phone/SMS Texting

  • Project Management

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Server Monitoring

  • Social

  • Surveys

  • Time Tracking

  • Video

  • and more.

Here are a few examples of CRC>Zapier integrations we've seen:

  • Custom Web Lead Forms:  Don't like our web lead forms?  Want to make some that are more complex? Make your own with Gravity Forms, Google Forms or WuFoo Forms and send the data to Credit Repair Cloud or your CRM via Zapier. Click here for a page just about custom forms .,

  • Drip email campaigns for New Leads, New Clients or New Affiliates: It's easy with CRC+ZAPIER+GETDRIP https://zapier.com/zapbook/drip/ .

  • SMS Texting: Add a new client to your CRM or CRC and have Zapier trigger a text to a new client inviting them to log into the portal to sign their agreement. We see Zapier>Twilio used most often for this.

  • Marketing Automation: Adding a new lead can trigger a drip campaign in your marketing automation software. Here's an awesome article about Zapier Hacks for Marketers. and of course, if you want to be a serious marketer, you might want to check out HubSpot and Infusionsoft https://zapier.com/learn/ultimate-guide-to-crm-apps/marketing-automation-crm/ .

  • CRM Integrations: Want to add Clients or Affiliates to your Salesforce, ZOHO, Infusionsoft or other CRM and have it automatically appear in Credit Repair Cloud? You can do this with Zapier. When it comes to choosing a CRM you have many options. The most common Credit Repair Cloud+CRM integrations that we see are with ZOHO and Salesforce. And there are also CRM's that include amazing marketing automation, like Hubspot, infustionsoft and Intercom. Links to explore them all are below. 

Here's the most common integration flow used by large scale Credit Repair Organizations who integrate Credit Repair Cloud with and a 3rd Party CRM

  1. Marketing automation software (or Call Center Staff) add Leads to CRM.

  2. Call center staff converts leads to clients into their CRM.

  3. A new client in CRM creates a zap (in Zapier) to add the same client to Credit Repair Cloud.

  4. Fulfillment staff takes over in CRC to handle the credit repair for that client. 

Here are articles on Zapier about choosing and using a CRM:





Want some other automation? Check out this awesome guide to the hundreds of ways to use Zapier.

Remember, Zapier integrations are Do-it-Yourself.  

We won't be able to actually set up your integrations for you. After all, we can't see into your Zapier account and we're not experts on the 500 apps that Zapier is integrated with (and those other companies have their own support). Most common Zapier support issue: Wanting an integration to do something it's not intended to do. Remember, even though no programming is necessary for Zapier, there still will be "some" technical details to understand.  Be sure to read the instructions in Zapier to understand exactly what triggers and actions ("zaps") are actually available.

3) Direct Integrations

cloud_API_with_text These require you to hire your own developer. Show your developer our Credit Repair Cloud API Overview so they will understand what API calls are available. Got a developer?  Send him the links:

Security Considerations for communicating with us

Security is important due to the client data that we store, so please understand that we cannot share details about your account with any 3rd party.   

  • If you are a developer: Please do not write us directly from email addresses not belonging to a Credit Repair Cloud account owner.

  • If you are a Credit Repair Cloud account owner and you have a developer (3rd party person) helping you with your integration: Please do not have them write us with questions about your account from email addresses, not in our system.

If you're the account owner, support emails should come only from your master email address on your Credit Repair Cloud account. Here's a link that explains this more www.creditrepaircloud.com/security.  Please understand that these rules protect the client data that we store.  

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