Part 5: Updating dispute item status and credit scores for manually added items


Updating the status of the dispute items

When you add a new client, importing the credit reports is the best first step. Our Credit Report Import Tool is a huge time saver, but you may need to manually add items to a client profile from time to time.

A few weeks later, the credit bureaus will send your client a letter notifying them if items have changed status. Be sure to have clients forward all these letters to you. When items have changed status, you may need to visit the “Dispute Items” page and just click on the items that changed. This is especially useful if you are manually adding items from reports that came from sources that are not compatible with our 1-Click Import feature.

Manually updating dispute items will automatically update all the records in the software and the client portal. If the updated report shows a changed credit score, just type it in on the client’s dashboard page. (As with all features, practice with the Sample Client first!)

Here is a quick video that will show you how to Update Credit Dispute Items Manually:


Manually Updating Credit Scores

In the Client Dashboard, click on Add/Edit Scores, fill the date and the scores, and click Add. UpdateScore.gif




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