How to take credit card payments from your clients?



How to charge a client's credit card:

Once you've created Chargebee plans, you can add a client's credit card details from within their client profile!  The best time to do this is when you are creating a new client profile.  Simply choose a plan and type in the credit card details. ChargebeeClientProfile

How to take credit cards on your own website:

The idea here is to add Chargebee plans to your Web Lead Form.  Then new clients can "sign up" from your website and add their own credit card details.

Here's how: Once you've set up Chargebee Plans, you can add the Chargebee plans to your web lead form for your web site, so your clients can sign up with credit card right on your site. you can set up your web lead form by visiting "My Company > Website Tools":


chooseyes webform code

You can click on the Preview button to see how your form will look once it's added to your website:



Below you will find a list of videos that explains how you can set up Chargebee plans in your account.


1. Set up your Chargebee plans


2. Add Chargebee plans to your web lead form, so you can take credit cards on your website!


3. Add your web lead form to your website!


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