How do I update credit report changes? Should I import again?


When you add a new client, importing the credit reports is the best first step (or add them manually, that is equally fast).

Our Credit Report Import Tool is a huge time saver. It highlights what’s negative on the report, so all you have to do is just run the dispute wizard to create your Round 1 letter. But after you've imported the first reports, you don't necessarily have to import each month. After all, all the credit items are already in the software from the first time you imported.

So are you saying that my client should not keep the credit monitoring?

No I'm not saying that. Your client must definitely keep the credit monitoring!  It's part of the credit repair process. Otherwise you and your client can not see the changes to the reports and scores. But, if you want a fast way to change a status of an item (when only a few items have changed), that's what this article is about:

So here's another way to update your clients credit items:

A few weeks after the round 1 letters go out, the credit bureaus will send your client a letter notifying them if items have changed status. Be sure to have your clients forward all these letters to you. When items have changed status, you can certainly re-import the credit report (if they are from the same provider that you imported from before), but sometimes it’s much easier and faster to just visit the “Dispute Items” page and just click on the 2-3 items mentioned in the letter and change their status.


This will automatically update all the records in the software and the client portal. If the updated report shows a changed credit score, just type that score in on the client’s dashboard page. This should take you less than 1 minute. Your client will get a notification, you will look like a hero -- and isn't it always better to save time?

But what if my client wants to see the scores change over time?  Will Credit Repair Cloud automatically connect to the bureaus with new scores?.

No, the credit bureaus do not share information with us, as that would cause privacy issues. If your client wants to continue to see their reports and scores change over time,  they will need to keep the credit monitoring.  This is a necessary expense for credit repair.  


So to recap:

You don't need to keep importing  after you already imported the report that one time  After that, no other import is ever needed for this client. Instead, you're going to work by the responses that are sent to the client.  For each dispute letter sent, your client will receive a response letter back and that is how you will know when items change or a new round of letters is needed.

Wondering how Round 2, 3 and 4 work?

Click here to learn how the other letter rounds work

Remember, you are not being paid to "raise scores," You're being paid for "document processing" and "credit education."

By disputing items and educating the client on how to manage their credit, yes the scores will go up, but it will go up much faster (and stay up) if you educate your client on how to better handle their credit. 

So don't forget...

Each month after you've imported the initial credit report 1 time, you will not import again.  Each month you will either click to update a status or generate a new dispute letter, based upon the letters that are sent to you.This reduces your work to less than 5 minutes per month per client, click-click-click and your'e done. Cha-ching go the recurring payments!

Here is a quick video that will show you how to Update Credit Items Manually:

Hopefully, this will help you to know what to do when updated credit reports arrive with items deleted and corrected (after you do your happy dance, of course). And here's a video that shows how to create the letters in Wizard 3.

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