Security Guidelines For Web Hosting Support



Security is our #1 concern.

We want to make sure your information is safe and protected.


Please respect our rules of security.

Always write a NEW support ticket from the same email address you signed up with.


Only write to us from the same email address you signed up with.

  • Only one person is the account holder.
  • We are not able to assign someone else as an account holder.
  • We will not accept requests that come from 3rd parties writing from any other email address.
  • Writing someone else’s name or email within your email does not work to validate your access to the account.
  • We do not give account information to a 3rd party. No exceptions.
  • Accounts cannot be transferred. Data can’t be moved to another account.
  • We do terminate accounts with security issues.


If you’re writing from the same email address you signed up we will always help you fast.

If you’re a 3rd party who is not the account holder and you continue to make requests about someone else’s account we will consider that a security threat and we may ban your access.


We take our users' account information seriously. We have these requirements in place to make sure there will be no unwanted changes made on your account and prevent others from gaining access to your account details.


Thanks for understanding!


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