Security Guidelines For Web Hosting Support



Security is our #1 concern.

You might sound friendly but we don’t know you.

Please respect our rules of security.

  • Always write a NEW support ticket from the same email address you signed up with.
  • No bank will discuss your account with a 3rd party. Neither will we.

Only write us from the same email address you signed up with.

  • Only one person is the account holder.
  • No other person can be “designated” as account holder.
  • Please don’t be a 3rd party writing from any other email address.
  • Telling us about another email address doesn’t make you account owner.
  • Writing from one address to tell us about another email address wont fly.
  • Writing someone else’s name or email within your email doesn’t fool us.
  • There’s no logical reason why you’re not writing from your same email.
  • If your email isn’t working, fix your email issue, then contact us.
  • We don’t give account information to a 3rd party. No exceptions.
  • Accounts cannot be transferred. Data can’t be moved to another account.
  • Write from the same email address you signed up with and we can help you.
  • We don’t know the structure of your business. You might be an ex-employee or ex-partner trying to sabotage a company you’ve just left.
  • Please understand that these rules are to protect our users.
  • We do terminate accounts with security issues.

If you’re writing from the same email address you signed up we will always help you fast.

If you’re a 3rd party who is not the account holder and you continue to make requests about someone else’s account we will consider that a security threat and we may ban your access.

If you feel our security precautions are unusual or inconvenient.

Ask Bank of America for access to someone else’s bank account…or contact Gmail, Facebook or and see how far you get with questions about someone else’s account.  They won’t do it and neither will we.


Thanks for understanding!


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