How are clients, leads and prospects counted? What if I exceed my limit?


We often get asked the question, "How are clients counted?" and "do I have to pay to have suspended clients/leads/prospects in my account?" The short and sweet answer to that is


We understand that you may have MANY leads that you're working on becoming clients. So what kind of company would we be to charge you for that? Not a nice one!

Here is how clients are counted

  • Suspended or inactive clients, leads and prospects are NOT counted.
  • Clients with any other statuses (including custom statuses that you create) ARE counted.
  • So if there's a client you are no longer working with, delete them or mark them as suspended so they won't be counted.

So you mask ask, "what happens if I exceed the clients on my plan?"

When you reach this point you celebrate your success! 

You can see in advance if you're about to go over on clients. We show these details in the MY ACCOUNT page.

If you've outgrown your plan here are some options:

Worrying about exceeding your client limit is wasted energy

As a suggestion:  The goal is to grow your business -- and having too many clients is a GREAT problem to have!

Let's put this in perspective:  

  • If you are on our smallest plan and you have 300 clients all paying you $99 a month, that is a profit of $29,700/month. That's a nice return from your $179 software.
  • At that point of reaching capacity, you will probably want to upgrade to the next larger plan.
  • The next larger plan costs a small amount more and it will double your capacity for clients, team members and storage.

Upgrading to a larger plan is always a better value than adding a'la carte add-ons.

 Just log in and click on MY ACCOUNT>CHANGE PLAN when you're ready.


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