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The first step with each new client is to obtain fresh new reports from all three bureaus. In this article, you will learn how to handle and obtain your client’s credit reports, how to use our 1-Click Auto Import feature, and how to update a client’s report.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


Can I order reports on behalf of my client?

The first step with each new client is to obtain fresh new reports from all 3 bureaus, but the question we’re often asked is:

Q: Who orders the reports and where do you order them from?

A: When a client orders their own reports, they don’t suffer a hit on their score. Your clients must order the reports.


If I shouldn’t be ordering reports on behalf of clients, then how does it work?

We asked some of the biggest credit repair firms and there are basically two ways they handle report ordering:

  • Most companies have the client sign up for Credit monitoring and then they ask the client for their login details and security word.

  • Other companies have the clients sign a power of attorney letter and order the reports for them, but that's rare because these providers do not want credit repair companies ordering credit reports for clients. These are consumer services.

Our software can import credit items from these credit report providers:

  • IdentityIQ (recommended)
  • SmartCredit (recommended)
  • MyFreeScoreNow (recommended)
  • MyScoreIQ (recommended)
  • PrivacyGuard

Each provider will offer plans with instant access to reports and scores from all 3 bureaus. Some may even offer trials for as little as $1. That's a real bargain for your client. Just remember that your client must be the one who signs up. The report providers DO NOT want you ordering reports for your clients.

I know you're thinking "Can't I just order the reports for my client?" Unfortunately, the answer is no no no! These are consumer services only. There are privacy issues. So please have your clients signup themselves, pay the $1 for the free trial and share the login details with you.


How to use 1-Click Import and Audit - Step by step guide

The 1 Click Auto Import Tool is one of our greatest features.

  Before you start

We highly recommend that you have your client complete their “Client Onboarding” so they can signup for credit monitoring and add their client login details (and so you can earn an affiliate commission from the credit monitoring company).


  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud Account

  2. Go to or click on My Clients


  3. Click on your client’s name to open their dashboard


  4. Click on Import/Audit


  5. Click on Import Credit Report Now


  6. Click on NEW Auto Import


    Scenario A: If your client hasn’t entered their credit monitoring access details, you will see the following screen where you would need to enter the information manually:


    Scenario B: If your client has completed their onboarding process and provided you with their credit monitoring access details, you will see the following screen instead:


  7. Click on the Import Report And Run Simple Audit button

    If you do not wish to run a simple audit, you can click the link at the bottom that says I don't need an audit, just import.


  8. Once you click on Import Report, then you are all done with importing the report and you can now choose reasons and instructions for all negative and incorrect items.


I’m getting an error message when importing the report

When attempting to import a credit report, you may encounter different error messages.

  • Incorrect Login Details
    “Login Failure! Please check access details.”


    This will show up when the login details are incorrect. To verify the credentials, try to access using the same credentials directly on the monitoring service site. If you can’t access when testing directly on the provider’s site, please ask your client to reset the password. Once your client resets the password, have them share the details with you and update the credentials manually on your client’s dashboard.

  • An extra step/account setup is needed in the account itself

    In this scenario, the client needs to log in to the account and complete the missing step. It can be, for example, an authorization, a disclaimer that needs to be signed, or missing payment. All of the actions described here require an action that only the account owner can complete.


1-Click Import - Video overview



What if your client gives you a report that isn't one of these listed? - Video overview

You can manually add dispute items into the software. The following video will teach you how.



How do I update a client's report? - Video overview

You can use the 1-Click Import and Audit button in the Client Dashboard to re-import a credit report. When a client has a saved report, you will now see the option to "re-import" a new credit report, and the software will analyze all the items in the last credit report that was imported, showing you a summary of what has changed since then.



What you can do now:


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