Can I change an agreement that was saved to a client profile?


Once you save an agreement to a client’s profile, it’s “set” for that client and cannot be changed.

This also applies when choosing "no agreement" and turning portal access on.  The agreement can only show when the client first visits the portal.  So it's important to set the correct agreement settings at the start of that client. 

Generally speaking, most companies have 1 agreement with 1 set of pricing.
You can certainly have different agreements for your company, but please make sure the agreement is correct before saving it to a client’s profile. You can change your “master” agreement anytime you like, but you cannot change an agreement that is already saved to a client’s profile. If you wish to change an agreement that’s already been saved to a client’s profile, the only solution is to delete that client and start over.

Where are the agreements sent to?
Agreements are not sent anywhere. Clients see and sign the agreement at their first login to their client portal. To see if a client has signed your agreement you can see this by the icons in the Client list. To see a signed agreement, visit My Company > Online Agreements > Digital Signatures or visit the Client’s Dashboard and click on the word “Agreement.”

Hopefully, this was some assistance to introduce you to the incredibly fascinating world of client agreements. Thanks for reading!


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