Can I get FICO Scores?



The 6 credit monitoring services that our software can import from are "consumer services" that resell reports and scores directly from the credit bureaus; they're not FICO scores, they are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union scores. They only cost the client $1 for the report and score (a real bargain) and there's no hit to the client's score, which clients love.

Want to learn to import credit reports?  Awesome.  A tutorial can be found at: Import Credit Reports into Credit Repair Cloud.  This link will also explain which 6 reports can be imported. These reports and scores only cost the client $1 (a real bargain) and there’s no hit to the client’s score, which clients love.

Reports from other providers (or PDFs) If you want to use any other report provider (or a PDF), it wont import automatically into our software, but you can definitely add the dispute items manually. That’s what most people do if their clients bring them other kinds of reports (or PDFs) which are not compatible for import. We only added import 2 years ago, so for more than a decade before that, it was all manual, and our wizard makes it easy and fast.

If you visit Wizard 3 in our software you’ll see several videos showing these different methods.

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