Which credit bureau address should I send disputes to?


Many people ask what addresses they should be sending disputes to. Especially if a letter happens to get returned to them.

Here's the dealio...

If you're using Credit Repair Cloud, you're sending it to the correct addresses.

The 3 Bureau addresses loaded into your Credit Repair Cloud are the very same official addresses that the 3 bureaus post on their web sites.

Here are the links where the credit bureaus display their official addresses for sending dispute letters:

These are the very same addresses we place in Credit Repair Cloud. So if you're in the US, we recommend using these same official addresses.

However, if you're one of those folks who likes to take things apart...

We've created Credit Repair Cloud so that you can customize things yourself. So if there's some special secret address you'd like to send to instead of the official addresses, you can:  

  1. Just visit My Company > Dispute Options
  2. scroll down to Manage Bureau Addresses
  3. click Modify to change any bureau address.  

Please keep in mind, we do not recommend doing this. We recommend using the official addresses.

But what if one letter gets returned to me by the post office? 

If one letter gets returned to you, don't panic.

The US Postal workers have been known to make mistakes. 

Bureaus do have many addresses.

As long as you're sending to the same official addresses that the 3 bureaus show on their official pages listed above, which are the same addresses we have by default in your credit repair cloud, rest assured that you are sending to the correct address. 


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