What is Chargebee?



For charging client's credit cards in Credit Repair Cloud, you'll need accounts at other companies. This page will explain all the parts needed. Credit repair software is our core business. We're not in the credit card billing business or in the merchant account business, but we will always point you in the right direction to save money with the right tools to succeed.

Why do I need Chargebee?

If you want to charge recurring payments to clients' credit cards from within Credit Repair Cloud, you must have a Chargebee account. You will also need a merchant account and gateway.  These parts all work together and they are all necessary if you want to grow a successful recurring revenue business.  I will explain all of these parts below.

What is Chargebee?  


Chargebee is awesome software that makes it easy and affordable to set up automated recurring billing for your clients from within Credit Repair Cloud. It’s very difficult to scale a recurring-revenue business without software to manage it all properly. It’s  too much for a person to handle without automation. Chargebee costs very little and more than pays for itself because it collects more money than you would without it.  It does this with "dunning" services for failed cards. More importantly,  it save you a tremendous amount of time. Your time is valuable. You can sign up for Chargebee here: 


Are you new to having an online business? 

Congratulations. Welcome aboard!  There's much to learn and I will do my best to explain the parts. If anyone knows about recurring billing it me. I'm Daniel Rosen, founder of Credit Repair Cloud.  I speak at startup events about the power of recurring-revenue businesses. Recurring-revenue is the best way to accumulate wealth, so I will explain all the parts so you will know what they are for and how they make you money.

So let's start at the beginning.

If you want to take credit cards on your website and in your Credit Repair Cloud, this involves many moving parts, banks, other companies, other software and clients (who are notorious for not being responsible with their bills) -- so the goal is to make this simple, profitable and easy for you to collect your money from all of your clients.

Here are the parts you absolutely need:

To charge client's cards with automated billing all integrated with Credit Repair Cloud, you must have these

  1. A Merchant Account and Gateway -  This is a type of bank that authorizes credit card payments electronically. They also must determine that you are not a risk, so there is an approval process. You cannot take credit cards without a Merchant Account and Gateway.  You must use a Merchant account that allows for Credit Repair Businesses (most will not).
  2. A Chargebee Account  - This is software that handles the recurring billing,  scheduling of payments, payment plans, and especially the "dunning" (automated collections when credit cards fail), etc. You cannot scale a recurring revenue business without a payments platform.  You might squeak by for a little while without a payment software, but you'll waste a lot of time chasing after your money, it's cumbersome to manage and it will be very difficult to grow. Yes, these parts might "seem" like they are the same, but they are very different.



Can't I use any Merchant Account and Gateway? Can't I use PayPal?

No, no and no. You must have a merchant account for credit repair services.  Most Merchant Account/Gateways will not allow for Credit Repair Services in their terms. So it's important to choose a merchant account/gateway that will allow your business.  For example, PayPal does not allow for credit repair services and they will ban you. Most merchant account gateways will not allow for credit repair, and there is an approval process. 

Why do you recommend Chargebee?

ChargeBee is an awesome software that works with your Merchant Gateway. It's integrated right into Credit Repair Cloud to do many special things like allowing your clients to sign up with a credit card right on your site, to assign payment plans, collecting payments triggered by events in Credit Repair Cloud, sending invoices and updates and asking clients to update failed and expired cards and suspending accounts as needed and the ability for clients to easily sign up from your site by credit card and have it all flow perfectly with amazing records.

We believed in Chargebee so much that we spent a year just building this integration, to make it simple and awesome.  

The value of ChargeBee is phenomenal and its small cost is peanuts compared to what it saves you in time. 

I already have a Merchant Account Gateway. Can't I just bill my clients without Chargebee?

The answer is, yes you can!  But it will be outside of our software and it will be a lot more work to manage and organize.  We do not recommend this. You will not be able to have a scaleable business. Remember the whole idea is to save time, so you can concentrate on growing your business and not on chasing money.

But do I really need both of these?

No, you can run your business any way you like, but without the right tools, it will be difficult to grow a business.

Can't I just plug my Payment Gateway API key directly into Credit Repair Cloud and have Credit Repair Cloud collect the payments?

No. Credit Repair Cloud has no place for your Gateway API key and Credit Repair Cloud won't collect your payments. We do not store credit card data as we're not a payment platform, that is why we integrated with Chargebee.  It has the dunning services that you need and it gives you so many awesome tools that will help you to grow your business. 

Chargebee is awesome and affordable

Most recurring payment platforms are expensive and charge a percentage of your sales. That's why we build this integration with them.  The service they provide is awesome and will save you so much time.  


Here are 3 videos to show you how to setup Chargebee and take Credit Cards on your website:

1. Set up your Chargebee plans

2. Add Chargebee plans to your web lead form, so you can take credit cards on your website!

3. Add your web lead form to your website!


Want to know more about ChargeBee:

Adding this payment Platform took us nearly a year and it was our most-requested feature ever! No more manual invoicing. This integration gives you awesome superpowers to set automated recurring client payments by credit card within Credit Repair Cloud with charges triggered by events within Credit Repair Cloud! ChargeBee is a leading recurring billing platform (and the most affordable we've ever seen). ChargeBee was founded by members of ZOHO. This special integration is the first automated payment system ever designed specifically for the Credit Repair Industry! ChargeBee handles all common types of credit repair billing:

  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Pay-per-delete (triggered by status change)
  • 1-time charges.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Dunning management for declined cards
  • Invoice billing
  • Client Signup from your website
  • Collect payment at the start -- or delay until triggered after "first work" (Round 1 letters)
  • Syncs with Credit Repair Cloud accounting
  • Compatible with Authorize.net and all major Gateways

Before you can signup for ChargeBee, you must have a Merchant Account Gateway click here for a merchant account for credit repair. Once you have your Merchant Gateway, sign up for ChargeBee from the link in My Company>ChargeBee.

Are you just referring me to these other companies to be paid for the referral?

No!  We are not partners with any of these companies. We want you to have an awesome business so you'll continue to use our software. So that's why we put so much effort into helping you to be successful. That's why we write articles like this and give free training. We know the recurring revenue business inside and out. We know what works and what doesn't and we only refer companies we think are awesome.


Within Credit Repair Cloud we have many 3rd party integrations with other awesome companies. You don't have to use any of them. We have them because they do awesome things and save you time but are all optional. You don't have to use ChargeBee if you don't want to. You can bill your clients any way you like, and if you're just starting, perhaps you may not need a recurring payment platform yet, but if you're wanting to bill your clients in other ways, that would happen outside of our software and it would be a lot of record-keeping. So it all boils down to what your time is worth. Most people want to reduce work so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you log into your Credit Repair Cloud and visit MY COMPANY> CHARGEBEE you can read all about what ChargeBee does and how it works with your Merchant Gateway, there's also a Quick Video.




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