Part 3: Action Task for Creating Your Website


Before you get started, remember the goal is to do this in the right way, so try not to customize too much! Just make these minor changes first. Then later, you can customize it more.


Action tasks to get your site live:

  1. Sign up for Web Hosting at (if you haven’t yet)
  2. Log in to your web hosting control panel
  3. Click “GET STARTED” (Later it will say “EDIT SITE”) to edit your site
  4. Fill in your basic information (phone number, address, etc.)
  5. Delete the default logo and add your own logo (optional)
  6. Add the web lead form from Credit Repair Cloud so you can follow up leads the moment they show interest!
  7. Add an affiliate form from Credit Repair Cloud so Affiliates can apply with you
  8. Download and choose a header “hero image” that fits your demographic (optional). You can find these here:
  9. Is your domain registered at another company?
  10. Is your Email Hosted At Another Company (Google, G-Suite, GoDaddy, Outlook Online, etc? Check this article:
  11. Publish your website!
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