Part 4: Customizing your Website


Editing your Website only takes a couple of minutes and the editor is very easy to use. You can follow these steps to get started:

1. Log in to your Web hosting account at


2. Click “GET STARTED” to edit your site
You will automatically be looking at our special “Credit Repair Business” Template. Don’t worry, you can change all the images and colors LATER. But let's stick with our simple plan and do this slowly.


Later on, that button will change to “EDIT SITE”:


2. Fill in your basic company contact information (phone number, address, etc.)


5. Delete the default logo and add your own logo (optional)

Logos seem to cause Drama. The header (white section on top) is intentionally small and clean so a logo tends to “clutter it up” and still be too small. Our suggestion to have your site always look awesome and clean is to keep your company name in plain text, just change the words from “My Company Name” to your real company name, and it will always be awesome and readable. If you absolutely must have your logo on your site, put it elsewhere down below, so it can be bigger.

6. Download and choose a header image that fits your demographic (optional)



7. Publish your website!

To publish your site, click the Publish button in the top right (See Video Below)

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