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Our web hosting service offered through includes unlimited email accounts that you can create for you or your team members. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up an email address for your credit repair business using the free email option at MCRS.


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Where can I create a free email address for my credit repair website?

  1. Log in to your My Credit Repair Site account

  2. Click on Hosting Plan - Website Hosting under Your Active Products/Services

    Web Hosting product

  3. Locate the Quick Create Email Account section

    Quick create email


How do I create a free email address for my credit repair website?

  1. Enter a username in the first field where it says Yourname

    Quick create email account form

  2. Enter a Desired Password

  3. Click on + Create

    Create button

  4. (Optional) Share the login information with your team and/or save it in your preferred password manager


Where can I find instructions for an advanced email setup?

If you’d like to manually set the storage limit for the email account, or send a login link to the person who will use the email account instead of setting the password yourself, then the following article will help you.

For a custom/advanced email setup please click here to read cPanel’s article.


Can I use the free email accounts for mass email sending/marketing purposes?

Email accounts are free but they may not be used for mass mailing, mass marketing, bulk emailing, bulk emailing apps, group emailing, or spamming. If you’re looking to send marketing emails, we suggest using a 3rd-party email service instead.

  Important Note

Using our service means agreeing to our terms and conditions. Spammers and bulk emailers will be terminated and banned from all of our services without warning.


  Important Note

It’s worth mentioning that the domain used for your My Credit Repair Site must remain active for the email service to work.


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