My logo is too small! How do I make it bigger?


If your logo is appearing too small, it’s probably because it needs to be cropped. 

For example, here’s a logo someone tried to use for their site.  Whoever created their logo file also left all this white space as part of the image.  

Looks terrible, right?  Here’s why…

When you reduce this image, it reduces everything and the logo becomes teeny tiny and will look terrible. See what I mean?

So the solution is to CROP the image to get rid of all that white space. Windows and Mac both come with free tools to do this.  

Then click Crop/Save and you will have a nice cropped image like this

The CRC Sitebulder also has a built in image cropper that you can use, but it’s a little tricky. Here’s how it works:
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

That might look nice in the logo area…  But if it still is too small, you might try changing your logo to have the name next to it like this

And that will look great when you add it to your site!  Check this out!!!

And finally

Still having trouble with your logo?  Here’s important information about logos and working with a template site:

Your logo can be as wide as you like, but it cant be any taller, since you’re using a template.

The advantage of using a template is that you can have a great looking site in minutes without hiring a web designer.  For that, it’s awesome.  You can change out images, type new text and you will always have an awesome site.

But if you’re wanting a site that is different from this template, and you’re struggling to try to pull the template around to be something else, this is not going to work and the site will not work (to be “responsive”) when it has to reshape itself to fit every kind of mobile device. This is the why the template has these constraints, so it will always look awesome.  But if you’re not  if you’re not liking the constraints of working with a template, and you you want a different type of site, we recommend hiring a web designer to build you a custom site.

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