Setting Up Billsby For Recurring Payments


What is Billsby? 


Billsby is a Recurring Billing & Subscription Management Software that automates the monthly charges from your client’s credit/debit cards. We recommend it because it's the most affordable.  

*As tempting as it may seem, you cannot use PayPal, Stripe, Square or any other popular billing service for credit repair. It is against their Terms of Service. No matter what you name your business, they will eventually discover, ban you, freeze your money (and you may never get it back). Don't take that risk. Get a "merchant account for credit repair" at Your merchant account provider will assist you with getting your gateway.  

How to get Billsby with $10,000 in processing for FREE!

We’ve asked Billsby for special pricing for our customers - you’ll only pay a 0.4% transaction fee - with no monthly fees and no setup fees. And if you sign up from this special link, you can make your first $10,000 of revenue without paying Billsby a cent! (This special pricing is only available at this special link)



Then download the Billsby>CRC Quick Start Guide


Download the Billsby>CRC Quick Start Guide


*IMPORTANT NOTE: You may notice old documentation in Credit Repair Cloud mentioning “Chargebee.” However, Chargebee recently changed their business model to Enterprise which resulted in severely spiked fees and they began rejecting CRC users. We no longer recommend Chargebee. As an alternative, we suggest Billsby as your super simple and more affordable option.


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