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If your client’s credit report provider has been discontinued and you are looking for alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


My client’s credit report provider has been discontinued

IdentityClub is no longer supported by Credit Repair Cloud. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have prepared a very easy transition for you and your clients if you follow the steps outlined below.


Credit report provider alternatives

  1. Have your clients signup for either SmartCredit or MyFreeScoreNow using the links below, or your affiliate links if you already have them.

    a) SmartCredit

    b) MyFreeScoreNow

      Important Note:

    IdentityIQ is not listed because it is in a completely different report format, so it will not re-import for this particular client. SmartCredit and MyFreeScoreNow are the only two providers that will work as a substitute for clients already on the discontinued report provider. Both of these services should offer your clients a $1 trial. We recommend helping your client to close their subscription at the discontinued report provider if they don't want to continue their service.

  2. Continue to reimport in CRC for that same client and enter in the new login details for SmartCredit or MyFreeScoreNow.


Our suggestion for your future clients

For all future clients, be sure to add your IdentityIQ, SmartCredit, or MyFreeScoreNow affiliate links to your CRC credit monitoring settings and your client onboarding tasks (if you haven't already). 



How can I apply to become an affiliate for a credit monitoring provider?

If you haven’t signed up as an affiliate for the available credit monitoring services, follow the steps outlined in this article.


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