How do I edit the content in the automated emails?



It is possible to edit the content of the automated notification emails by creating new email templates and replacing the default template. Please follow the steps outlined below if you’d like to customize your automated emails for your clients and/or affiliates.


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Can I edit the content/text in the default automated emails?

No, default templates can't be changed or edited. However, you can create new templates and replace the default email templates.


How can I create a new email template?

First, we recommend copying the default text from the default email templates.

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Go to

  3. Locate the email that you would like to edit and click on the template’s name to preview it

    i.e. Click on Client forgot password (default)


  4. Copy the text and close the preview


  5. Click on Email Templates


  6. Click on + Add New Template


  7. Enter the email’s Name and Subject


    Please note the email’s Name is not visible to your clients, but the Subject is.

  8. Paste the default text copied in Step 3 in the Body editor


  9. Edit the text as needed

    The text {in brackets} are "placeholders" to automatically insert client, affiliate, or company data.

  10. Click on View Placeholders to access the list of placeholders

      Important Note

    Please note all placeholders are syntax-sensitive. These must be copied and added to the text exactly as shown in the list.


    The available placeholders are:

    {company_name} - Name of company
    {company_logo} - Logo of company
    {company_phone} - Phone of company
    {company_email} - Phone of company
    {client_first_name} - First name of client
    {client_last_name} - Last name of client
    {dispute_item} - Dispute item of client
    {invoice_number} - Number or ID of Invoice
    {invoice_date} - Created Date of Invoice
    {invoice_due_date} - Due Date of Invoice
    {invoice_total_amount} - Total amount of Invoice
    {affiliate_first_name} - First name of affiliate
    {affiliate_last_name} - Last name of affiliate
    {login_info} - Login info along with login URL of client or affiliate
    {todays_date} - Today's date

  11. Click on Submit



How can I replace the default email templates with the ones I create?

  1. Go to 

  2. Locate the email that you need to edit and click on the pencil icon to the right


  3. Select the new email template from the dropdown


  4. Changes will be saved upon selecting the new email template



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