How do I improve my search ranking?



In this article, we’ll share some general tips that can help you improve your search ranking.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


General tips to improve your search ranking

  • Make sure to enter SEO information for all of the pages on your site.

  • Get a Google Search Central account, and once you do you can verify your site, view your ranking, and ensure Google indexes your site on a regular basis.

  • Make your page names work for you. Search engines consider words in your address more relevant, and therefore more important when displaying search results.

  • Use keyword phrases in your links. Creating links from keyword phrases or descriptive text will pack more punch than linking from phrases like “go here” and “read more”.

  • Location-Relevance. If your site is only relevant to people in a specific area, use content to highlight your location.

  • The more sites that link to your site (as a general rule), the more Google your site to be worthwhile. This is digital word-of-mouth, both for potential visitors and for search engines.

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