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Navigating the Website Editor
Navigating the Website Editor
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Need to make some changes to your website? Read on to learn how to navigate the Website Editor like a pro.

Table of contents:

To start, make sure you have the following:

What are the main areas within the website/page editor?

There are three main areas within the website/page editor:

  • The top navigation bar where the main configuration options are found as tabs (green section in the screenshot below)

  • The left sidebar shows configuration tools depending on the selected tab (red section in the screenshot below)

  • The main editing area (yellow section in the screenshot below)

You’ll be using the tabs at the top most often, and we’ll go over each of them individually in the next section.


What can I do within each tab of the editor?

  • Build: The Build tab is exactly what it sounds like - it has all the components you need to build your website. Clicking on Build will display all of the elements in the left sidebar, organized into categories.

  • Pages: The Pages tab houses all the pages you’ve added to your site and allows you to add, rearrange, copy, delete and edit them. Clicking on any page here will load that page on the right-hand side of the screen so you can quickly start editing.

  • Themes: The Themes tab has two important functions related to how your website looks. You can browse, preview, and choose a different theme. You can pick different fonts for the various text-based elements on your site. You can also access the code editor to modify the HTML and CSS for a theme, and you can toggle the guides on and off.

  • Apps: The Apps tab allows you to search, browse, install and manage apps from the App Center. Please note not all apps are available in the default Website Editor plan. The said plan can’t be changed.

  • Settings: Last but not least, the Settings tab is where you can configure some global attributes for your website, including the site address, SSL certificate, and more.

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