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Read This Before Creating Your Website
Read This Before Creating Your Website
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You can have a stunning site in a matter of minutes because we have already worked with the best designers and writers to create a template for our users to create their own website simply and easily! Your website will look great on a computer, a mobile device, or anywhere else your website will be viewed.

Before you begin to customize your website, please continue to read and follow the instructions if any of the scenarios below apply to you.

In this article, you will find answers to some of the most common questions from our credit heroes. To keep it clean and organized for you, we have included links to the different processes you may need along the way to launching your credit repair website.

Table of contents:

How do I sign up for the Web Hosting service?

You will get started at We have created ready-made templates for a credit repair site. These will get you up and running in minutes with a professional website for a credit repair business.

You can easily change any colors, images, or text by easy point and click as you learn the system. Just be sure to take it slow, and make minimal changes at first, but if you feel your site has taken a direction that you are not too happy about and want to start from scratch, please check out our guide to reset your website.

Web Hosting Pricing Plans

During sign up, you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Monthly Billing: $19.95

  • Annual Billing: $191.52 (Save 20%)

Can I sign up for your Web Hosting service without a Credit Repair Cloud account?

No worries! You don’t have to be a Credit Repair Cloud user to use our web hosting.

I would like to use a domain that I own outside of MyCreditRepairSite

If you have an existing domain that is managed outside of MyCreditRepairSite and would like to use it for your credit repair website, please check the article linked above.

How do I keep my existing email inbox working properly?

If you already have an email service linked or connected to the domain that you want to use for your website, please check the article linked above. To keep your email inbox working, it’s CRITICAL that you follow this process before moving your domain to My Credit Repair Site.

I’m not a web designer. Can I still use your service?

Yes, you sure can! But, it is important that you do not try to make drastic changes to the template, pull things apart, move sections around or delete parts of the template. Our predesigned themes/templates come with all the pages you need to launch your credit repair website. It is designed to be responsive and look amazing on all computers and mobile devices.

Once you sign up for Web Hosting, to get started, we invite you to read our Customizing your website article.

Ready to start building your website?

I need to reset my website

There are times where our inspiration takes us further than we wanted and we may want to start fresh. If you find yourself ever needing to start from square one or need to choose a different theme and start anew, please check the article linked above.

What is a Template site?

It’s a pre-designed site that is already awesome and has all the important pages and text already written. This way your merchant account can get approved and your clients will understand what you do and how to sign up for your service. It’s a simple way to have a fantastic site in minutes without hiring a web designer. It’s not a custom site that you can move everything around because it’s a “fixed template” that will always look awesome (unless you make drastic changes).

You can change the text and the main images very easily. We spent thousands of dollars to hire the best designers, so your site is already complete when you start. It doesn’t need any “fixing.” Just add your company name and minimal details. Go slow.

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