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Adding an outbound link to your Website
Adding an outbound link to your Website
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If you’d like to add an outbound link to an external resource on your website, we’ll show you how in this article.

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To start, make sure you have the following:

What is an outbound link?

An outbound link, also called an external link, is a link from your website to a different website.

How can I create an outbound link in the Site Builder?

  1. Click on Edit Site under the My Sites section

  2. Click on Edit Site in the top right corner

    Edit site button

  3. Click on Pages at the top

  4. Select a page from the left menu where you want to create the link

  5. Select the text that you want to use for your link

  6. Click on the chainlink icon


  7. Click on Website URL

    If you’d like to link to one of the pages on your website, select Standard Page instead, and then select the Page that you want to link.


  8. Insert the destination URL in the INSERT URL field

  9. (Optional) Uncheck the Open in new window box if needed

    It is recommended that the link opens in a new window (tab) so your potential customer does not navigate away from your website. When left unchecked, the link will take your visitor to the destination URL in the same tab.

  10. Click anywhere outside of the box

  11. Your link has been created!


Make sure to add all relevant links to your pages and then re-publish your website for your changes to take effect. You may also need to clear your browser's cache and cookies in order to see those changes reflected on your end.

What you can do now:

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