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The Tasks & Events feature located under the Schedule tab in your account is a great tool to manage your tasks and to delegate and visualize tasks assigned to other team members.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


What is the Tasks & Events feature?

This feature will allow you to organize the day-to-day operations of your credit repair business.


How can I create a new task?

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

  2. Click on Schedule.

    TE 001.png

  3. Click on Task & Events View.

    TE 002.png
  4. Click on + Add New Task.

    TE 003.png

  5. Select the Task Type.

    TE 004.png

    The options are:

    * General
    * Billing
    * Send Invoice
    * Follow Up
    * Appointment
    * Event
    * Other

  6. Enter a Subject for the task.

  7. Select a Due Date and Time.

  8. Select a Client.

    TE 005.png

    Who is this task for? Search for your client’s name here.

    This is an optional field since you may need to create tasks for your team or other general tasks.

  9. Assign a task to a Team Member.

  10. Add Notes as needed.

  11. Click on Save.


How can I filter the scheduled tasks?

There are four different views for your tasks and events:

  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Month View
  • List View (Tasks & Events)

TE 006.png

While exploring the scheduled tasks using the list view, you can filter tasks by team member and/or due date.

TE 007.png


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