Creating Custom Web Lead Forms


*IMPORTANT NOTE: You may notice old documentation in Credit Repair Cloud mentioning “Chargebee.” However, Chargebee recently changed their business model to Enterprise which resulted in severely spiked fees and they began rejecting CRC users. We no longer recommend Chargebee. As an alternative, we suggest Billsby as your super simple and more affordable option.

If you're still using Chargebee, you can follow the steps listed here, but please know that the integration may be discontinued at any time. For more information, please visit this page

Our web lead form is a simple and awesome tool.

Potential clients can visit your site, request more information, and appear as leads in Credit Repair Cloud. Or they can sign up on your site and if you have a Chargebee plan they can enter credit card details into your site. Our web lead forms very easy to add to your site with no programming needed. They are intentionally simple to bring you the most signups.  

As a rule of thumb; a complicated form will bring you fewer signups. Since sales is a numbers game, we always vote for the most signups. However, some people may need forms that do different things.  While we don't offer fancy forms that do special things, we do have this handy guide to explain the existing forms and give you some ideas on how to create custom forms your own.

Our default forms:

  • The standard web lead form is in your MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS. Potential clients visit your site, can request more information and they appear as leads in your Credit Repair Cloud.  Or they can sign up on your site and if you have a Chargebee plan they can enter credit card details into your site. It's made for easy copy and pastes right into your site. It is exactly what you see.  It cannot be modified other than displayed.
  • Affiliates also have a web lead form that is in their portal. They can add it to their site.  It cannot be modified other than displayed.

Special custom forms

If you're wanting to have a special form, the simplest method is to build it with a Zapier integration to Wufoo forms or gravity forms or any of the other form building apps in Zapier. Zapier is awesome.

We're integrated with Zapier and so are 350 other cloud apps, so it makes things really nice to connect web apps together.

Here are some links for your developer: 


Want to hard code your own integration?

Here's the page about our API calls: 


Support for Integrations

Zapier is great for connecting web apps together, but please keep in mind that they are a separate platform. You might need to reach out to Zapier Support and the support folks at the other app you're trying to work with. Remember we are all separate companies, so it's a bit of a process to do an integration.

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