Which dispute letter do I choose?


In most cases, you will start with a Round 1 letter which is sent directly to the credit bureaus. This letter is always the same, so you don't need to worry about it. Just use the Default Round 1 Letter in the Credit Wizard for a quick send that will get your client's credit repair started (along with your revenue stream).

For Round 2 (and higher): there are over 100 letters you can choose from. If you read through them in the library, you will start to find your favorites. Which letter to send for Round 2, 3, 4 and higher depend on the client's particular situation and on how the credit bureaus respond to the Round 1 letter.

You can also use our new Letter Finder Tool to find the best letter to use after answering a couple of questions through this feature.


The best way to speed up the process and truly understand the nuances of which letters to send is to take our Basic Disputing Course.

You and your staff will learn everything you need to handle the first 8 rounds of credit repair at a minimum. We also have additional courses and books to fit every budget and some of the courses will give you and your staff certificates to show off on your wall.  


Can the letters be modified? 

Yes, absolutely! You can modify all the master letter templates in the Library, but you may want to hold off on that until you really know your way around the software. Modifying the letters will not make them any more successful. They are intentionally simple, and simple is best. Adding legalese to them is not recommended because then the letters won't seem like they're coming from your client anymore, and that's the whole point. 


Can a letter be modified just for one client?  

Yes! when you're working in Credit Wizard #3, the very last step is the Letter Editor. On this page, you can type any last-minute text to customize your letter on the fly (before you save and print).

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