Reimport Credit Reports


How do I update credit report changes? Should I import again?

Once you've imported the initial credit report and your client is notified by the bureaus about changes for the disputed items, you can reimport the report or manually update the dispute items.


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To start, make sure you have/have completed the following:


Reimport a credit report using the Import/Audit feature - Step by step:

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on Clients


  3. Click on your client’s name to open the client dashboard


  4. Click on Import/Audit


  5. Click on Reimport Credit Report


  6. Click on Reimport Credit Report one more time


    Next, you will be shown a summary of the changes between the last report and now. This will include Deleted, Updated to Positive, Updated to Negative, and Added items, as well as updated Scores.


    (Optional) Scroll down and click on Download as PDF so you can share with your client and/or keep a copy in their records.

  7. Click on Continue to Credit Report Preview Page

  8. Review the updated report and prepare the next round of letters using our Wizard

Our Credit Report Import Tool is a huge time saver. It highlights what’s still negative on the report and what's changed, so all you have to do once you reimport a report is run the Dispute Wizard to create your dispute letters.



Update Dispute Items manually - Step by step:

You can certainly update scores and dispute items manually if a report can’t be reimported for a given reason. For detailed instructions, please click here.



What if my client wants to see the scores change over time?

If all the following conditions are met, your client will be able to see their score changes on their client portal:

  • Your client holds a paid subscription to the credit monitoring service.

  • You either use the Import/Audit feature or manually update the reported score for each bureau.


What you can do now:

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