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Can Credit Repair Cloud import clients from another Credit Repair Software?

  1. The simple answer is yes!
  2. The longer answer is yes, you can import the client's contact information in the client profile but no, we cannot import all their records, files, and history from another credit repair software. 
  3. The solution is to import the basic profile information and then add anything else in the notes and memos in the client dashboard.

A little back story...

We created the first Credit Repair Software back in 2002. Over the years, other companies have tried to copy what we've done, but the best parts of our software are proprietary and protected by patent, so they can't replicate our "secret sauce." 

We have a lot of funding, a full team of developers, support and server staff, we release new features continuously and we have better uptime than the Bank of America (99.99%). 

Our pricing for Credit Repair Cloud is simple: There are no startup fees. You can try Credit Repair Cloud free for a whole month and you can cancel with 1 click in your own account, no questions asked.

But how do I transfer my old clients from other software into Credit Repair Cloud?

  • First, try the Credit Repair Cloud Free Trial.  Make sure it's what you want. Understand what it is. Take the free training session with an expert to learn how it works. It will be different than your old software, and much easier and faster.
  • Next, start by just adding some NEW clients into Credit Repair Cloud. Get used to the interface.  Import a Credit Report, try the Dispute Wizard. Get them logging into the portal. Give it a real test drive.

Then when you're ready to commit to Credit Repair Cloud (and a happier life!), here's how to proceed:

Method 1:  If you DO have money to spare

The easiest transition from one software to another is to keep your old clients in the old software and only add NEW clients into Credit Repair Cloud.  Each client has a lifecycle, so this helps you to slowly transition over time into the new software.

Method 2: If you DONT have money to spare

  1. Export your clients from your old software. Export them as CSV.
  2. Import that CSV into Credit Repair Cloud. Here's how:

Log in to Credit Repair Cloud and click on MY CLIENTS.  Click on Import CSV and follow the steps in this video to import the basic client data (this is what's in the client profile).  Remember, our software will NOT import any information about clients' history, etc. that are stored in another company's credit repair software. It will only import the basic client details for the new client profile.

Here's a video to show you the steps:

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