What is Credit Hero Score?



With Credit Hero Score (CHS), you can gain instant access to all 3 credit reports and scores, plus some fantastic tools and features to make it easier for you to process your clients faster!


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What is Credit Hero Score?

Credit Hero Score is a new credit monitoring solution that integrates seamlessly with Credit Repair Cloud. Credit Hero Score provides consumers with instant access to all 3 credit reports and scores, plus the following features:

  • Credit Protection: Protect your credit profile from unauthorized access

  • Credit Alerts Enhanced: Receive alerts based on changes to my credit profile

  • Credit Score Tracker: See score history from any/all of the bureaus

  • Credit Score Factors: Get detailed insights on the six credit score factors

  • Credit Score Simulator: See how your scores can be impacted by specific credit actions or behaviors

  • Credit ScoreSight: See what specific actions will maximize your score

  • Debt Analysis: Displays total open balances - monthly payments - debt to income ratio calculator

  • ID Theft Insurance & Restoration: Up to $1M of protection against identity theft and white-glove assistance to restore your compromised identity

  • SSN Monitoring: Detect and prevent identity theft occurring outside of credit bureaus’ vision

  • Dark Web Monitoring: Scan the web for fraudulent use of your personal information

  • Change of Address Monitoring: Detect and alert when there has been an unauthorized change of address


What are the benefits of using CHS?

Benefits for you as a Credit Repair Cloud user:


Benefits for your clients (consumers):

  • Bank-level Security: Protected by 128-bit data encryption

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring: Daily monitoring alerts you of suspicious activity

  • ID Protection: Tools to monitor and protect your identity

  • Understand your Credit: Learn to maximize your score and take steps to reach your goals

  • Will not hurt your Score: Checking your own credit will never affect your score

To access the full list of benefits you can check our Comparison page.


How much does CHS cost for my clients?

Credit Hero Score is only $27.99/month and offers a $1.00 7-day FREE trial. 

Please visit our Comparison chart to learn why Credit Hero Score offers the best value among our competitors.


Can I earn a commission for referring clients to CHS?

Yes! Credit Hero Score has an amazing affiliate program where you can earn recurring commissions for each referral.


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