How to send dispute letters using CloudMail?



In this article, we’ll guide you through sending your client’s dispute letters through CloudMail.

Please note that this article is focused exclusively on CloudMail’s letter sending method.

Click on the links below to learn about the steps/processes required before sending letters:


In this article, you will learn about: 


To start, make sure you have the following:


How do I send dispute letters through CloudMail?

Once you have generated your client's letter and have reached the Select Print & Mail Methods step, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select First Class Mail or Certified Mail under Select Print & Mail Methods


  2. Click on Next

  3. Select Black & White or Color under Print Color Mode for each letter

    This selection determines if the specific letter is printed in color or black & white ink.


  4. Select Double-Sided or Single-Sided under Set-Up


  5. Confirm the USPS Mail Class for each letter


    This selection determines the Mail Class used to send the specific letter. Learn more about the different options in the section found below these steps.

  6. Review the Total Cost


  7. (Optional) Click on Add Balance to add funds to your balance if needed


  8. Click on Submit Order

    Follow any confirmation prompts to complete the sending process.

    Next, you should see a processing screen followed by a confirmation message.


How much does CloudMail cost, and what’s included with each service?

CloudMail Pricing

  • First Class Mail (Black & white): $1.01 / 1st page

  • First Class Mail (Color): $1.20 / 1st page

  • Certified Mail w/Tracking (Black & white): $6.64 / 1st page

  • Certified Mail w/Tracking (Color): $6.64 / 1st page

  • Letter over 6 pages: Additional fee $2.35

  • Additional Pages: (Black & white): $0.12 / per page 

  • Additional Pages: (Color): $0.24 / per page 


What’s included with each service/mail class?

CloudMail offers three different services or mail classes to send/process your client’s letters:

  • First Class Mail

    Delivery time: 4-6 business days - depending on destination

    Ability to track: No

    Will the letter be returned to the sender if undeliverable? Yes


  • Certified Mail

    Delivery time: 4-6 business days - depending on destination

    Ability to track: Yes

    Will the letter be returned to the sender if undeliverable? Yes

    The Certified Mail service provides a receipt and electronic verification when the mail is delivered or after a delivery attempt.


  Important Note

Delivery times are estimates; CloudMail uses USPS as the primary carrier, and USPS experiences delays from time to time. To see the most up-to-date status, check the tracking information of your particular mailing.


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