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Are you wanting to become a Credit Hero Score Affiliate? You’re in the right place!

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How do I sign up for Credit Hero Score’s Affiliate program?

We’ve created an article that explains it really well here!


How much can I earn for each referral?

You can get paid $5 per month per referral.


Can I get paid through PayPal or get a check?

No. We can only issue commission payments to your bank account (checking or saving).


What is the schedule for commission payments?

Your bank information must be up to date by the end of the current month in order to be eligible for next month's payout.

Payouts are generated on the 8th of every month with the following considerations:

* If the 8th is on a weekend/holiday, it is processed on the next business day after the 8th.

* Transactions will be reflected in your bank account within 1-5 business days and may take up to an additional 5-10 business days to post to the Tipalti platform.

* You must have accrued a minimum of $100 in affiliate commissions to receive a payout.

* Any value under $100 will roll forward to be evaluated for payout on the next payout date.

* Payments are paid for commissions earned from the 1st to the last day of each month, plus any balance owed.

* On your bank statement, the transaction will be received from *Credit Hero Score LLC* (rather than Tipalti).




How do I get paid my commissions?

To receive your commissions payments, please set up a Tipalti account.

  1. Log in to your Credit Hero Score affiliate account

  2. Click on the SETUP TIPALTI ACCOUNT button at the top right

  3. Click on the UPDATE PAYOUT DETAILS button

  4. Fill out the application form as needed

  5. Follow the prompts and submit your application


What is Tipalti?

Tipalti is a third-party app that Credit Hero Score (CHS) uses to organize, automate, and distribute payments to CHS affiliates.


Do I need to submit/fill out a tax form?

Yes! For US Citizens paying taxes in the US, you will be prompted to set up W9 information when setting up your Tipalti account.


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