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Using the Dispute Wizard to create dispute letters manually
Using the Dispute Wizard to create dispute letters manually
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Adding dispute items manually is useful when you have a client’s credit report that can’t be imported. In this article, we’ll cover how to use the Dispute Wizard to dispute credit items manually.

The Dispute Wizard won’t exactly “import” the credit reports. Contrary to popular belief, adding dispute items manually requires very little typing, so it's nearly as fast as importing a report.

Table of contents:

To start, make sure to have the following:

Where can I manually create dispute letters?

  1. Click on Clients

  2. Click on your client’s name to open the client dashboard

  3. Click on Run Dispute Wizard


How do I manually create a dispute letter?

  1. Choose Round 1: Basic Dispute - Credit Bureaus or Round 2 or Higher: All Other Letters - Credit Bureaus, Creditors/Furnishers, or Collectors as needed

    All new clients always start with Round 1. Choose the option that best suits your client’s scenario.

  2. Click on + Add New Dispute Item

  3. Select the credit bureau(s) as needed




  4. Click on Select a Creditor/Furnisher and choose an option as needed


    Or click on Add Creditor/Furnisher if you can’t find an option in the dropdown menu.

    Type in the Furnisher/Creditor name under Company name and click on Save.

  5. Select Same for all bureaus or Different for each bureau if the account number is different between bureaus

  6. Enter the Account number(s) in the field below

  7. Click on Select a reason for your dispute and choose the reason that fits the client’s scenario


    If you can't find an appropriate reason, choose Other information I would like changed.


    Or, click on Manage reasons to add a custom reason.

  8. Click on Choose instructions and select the instruction that fits the client’s scenario


    Or, click on Add New Instruction to add a custom instruction.

  9. Click on Save


  10. Repeat the process for each item (Steps 2 - 9) as needed


    We recommend sending between 3 to 5 dispute items to a credit bureau within a 30 day period. If you send more, you risk being labeled “frivolous.”

  11. Once you are done adding items click on Next: Generate Letter


  12. Make any last minute changes in the Letter Editor

    Make sure to leave only 3-5 dispute items in each letter. Delete the other items from the letters, which you can start disputing in a future Round 1 letter.

  13. Click on Save For Later or Save & Continue To Print as needed


    Fill out the Save Letter form as needed. Doing this will allow you to use the same letter template for another client.


    Click on Save All X Letters

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully generated a dispute letter with manually added credit items!

  14. Select the letters that you want to Print/Send and click Next


  15. Select the Attached Documents option that suits your client’s scenario


    We encourage you to keep the Recommended options on.

    If the Photo ID or Proof of Address documents are not on file for your client, you can click on Add to upload from your device. (Only JPEG and PNG files with a max size of 10 MB are allowed)

  16. (Optional) Click on Render Preview Of Letter/Attachments


  17. Click on Next

  18. Select a Letter Send Method and click on Next


    We highly recommend you to use our newest feature, CloudMail. Click here for a step by step guide on sending letters through CloudMail.

    Or, if you prefer, you can also Print Locally.

  19. Follow CloudMail’s or your printer’s prompts to finalize printing/sending the letters

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