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Create unique dispute letters with Letters by AI
Create unique dispute letters with Letters by AI
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To start, make sure you have the following:

What is Letters by AI?

Letters by AI works directly with our dispute letter generator. This new feature reduces the risk of getting your letters flagged as templates by the credit bureaus. Using our Letters by AI feature, you will get unique letters every time, increasing your letter’s success rate and faster results for your clients.

How can I use the Letters by AI feature?

    1. Click on Clients

      ACCHSA 1-001.png

    2. Click on your client’s name to open the client dashboard

      N-ICR 1-002.png
    3. Click on Run Dispute Wizard

      New DL 01.png

    4. Choose Round 1 Basic Dispute or Round 2+ All Other Letters

      LAI 001 (1).png

      If you select Round 2+, you’ll also have to choose between Credit Bureau and Creditor/Furnisher Reporting the Item.

      LAI 002 (1).png
    5. Click on + Saved Dispute Item

      LAI 003 (1).png

      For this demonstration, we’ll use saved dispute items, but you can also create unique letters when adding new dispute items.

    6. Select your saved items

      LAI 004 (1).png
    7. Click on Add to Dispute

      LAI 005 (1).png
    8. Click on Generate Unique AI Letter

      LAI 006 (1).png

Congratulations! You have generated a unique dispute letter with our Letters by AI feature! Now, you can continue the letter-sending/printing process as you would normally.

Important Notes:

Letters by AI is not available for custom letters added to the library.

After generating a letter with our AI tool, you can modify it as you would with any other letter using our letter editor.

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