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Part 4: Introduction to our Dispute Wizard Tool
Part 4: Introduction to our Dispute Wizard Tool
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Creating Dispute Letters for your client

Once you've imported your client's credit reports, the next step is to create dispute letters using our Dispute Wizard.

In this article, you will learn about:

To start, make sure you have the following:

Where do I find the Dispute Wizard?

  1. Click on Clients


  2. Click on your client's name to open the client dashboard

  3. Click on Run Dispute Wizard


What are the different scenarios when using the Dispute Wizard?

  • You have imported a report from a supported credit report provider. When facing this scenario, you will select credit items from the imported list.

    The supported providers are:

  • Your client has a report that's not supported (therefore can't be imported). In this case, you can manually add credit items for your dispute letters.

  • You are already on Round 2 or higher and you are unsure about which letter to use.

How can I create dispute letters using imported items?

Once you have imported your client's first credit report, follow the steps below to tag the negative items and generate the dispute letters.

  1. Click on Tag Pending Report


  2. Click on Tag And Save Pending Report


  3. Scroll through the report and locate every item with a Negative Status


  4. Click on Choose Reason and select the dispute reason that fits your client's scenario


    You can also click on Add New Reason if you want to add a custom reason.

  5. Click on Choose Instructions and select the instruction for the bureaus on the specific item

    Or, click on Add New Instruction if you want to add a custom instruction.

  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for every Negative item

    All Negative items that you've tagged with a "Reason and Instruction" will be saved as "Dispute Items" to be merged into letters in the Wizard.

  7. Click on Save my work and continue to the Wizard


  8. Select Round 1: Basic Dispute - Credit Bureaus


  9. Click on + Add Saved Pending Items


    A popup will open where you will select up to five items for your client’s first round of letters.

  10. Select the items you wish to dispute



    We recommend sending between 3 to 5 dispute items to a credit bureau within a 30 day period. If you send more, you risk being labeled “frivolous.”

  11. Click on Add to Dispute

    Any remaining unchecked items will be saved as "Pending" to include in another Round 1 Dispute Letter.

  12. Click on Next: Generate Letter


  13. Make any last-minute changes in the Letter Editor

  14. Click on Save & Continue To Print


  15. Fill out the Save Letter form as needed

    Doing this will allow you to use the same letter template for another client.

  16. Click on Save All X Letters


    The button may show a different number depending on how many letters are being saved.

    Next, you'll be shown a list of all unsent and unprinted letters that you have created for this client. You can make any last-minute changes by clicking the View/Edit button, rename, or remove accidental letters.


  17. Select the letters that you want to Print/Send and click on Next


  18. Select the Attached Documents option that suits your client's scenario


    We encourage you to keep the Recommended options on.

    If the Photo ID or Proof of Address documents are not on file for your client, you can click on Add to upload from your device. (Only JPEG and PNG files with a max size of 10 MB are allowed)

  19. (Optional) Click on Attach Additional Documents if you need to attach other types of documents different from a photo ID or proof of address.

  20. (Optional) Click on Render Preview Of Letter/Attachments


  21. Click on Next

  22. Select the Print & Mail Methods and click on Next


    * First Class Mail (CloudMail)
    * Certified Mail (CloudMail)
    * Print & Mail Locally (Regular printing option)

    We highly recommend you to use the CloudMail options. Click here for a step-by-step guide on sending letters through CloudMail.

    Or, if you prefer, you can also Print Locally.

    Follow CloudMail’s or your printer's prompts to finalize printing/sending the letters.

How can I create dispute letters for manually “imported” items?

Our Dispute Wizard can also help you when your client's report can't be imported by our software. In that case, you can manually enter credit items and create dispute letters for those items.

Can you help me choose a letter for Round 2 (or higher)?

If you've already started the credit repair process for your client and are unsure on which letter to use for the next rounds, please read this article to learn about our Letter Finder tool.

Important Note

Access to Round 2 or higher letters when using the Letter Finder tool is limited to paid accounts. Trial accounts don't have access to Round 2 or higher letters in the Letter Finder tool.

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