How do I create my first billing plan?



Once your merchant account has been approved, it's time to create your first billing plan.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


What types of billing plans can I create?

Credit repair businesses must consider each client's needs and finances when deciding on the billing structure. Offering one-time fee, pay-per-delete, and monthly plan options gives clients more choices and can help serve a broader range of people.

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  • Subscription (Monthly)

    Our most popular plan! This type of billing plan consists of a first-work fee and a monthly fee (recurring).

  • 1-Time Flat Fee

    This type of billing plan consists of a one-time flat fee for your service. This type of plan can be useful for single dispute resolutions (clients with a specific and isolated credit issue), limited credit repair needs (clients with very few negative items in their reports), short-term credit repair goals (clients aiming to improve their score for a specific financial milestone), etc.

  • Pay Per Item Deleted

    This type of billing plan might suit clients with budget constraints or with a few specific items on their credit reports that they want to address individually.


How do I create my first subscription plan?

Next, we'll guide you through creating our most popular billing plan: a monthly subscription.

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

  2. Click on Billing & Payments.

    bap 001.png

  3. Click on Create Your First Plan.

    new cfp 001.png

  4. Click on the Create My First Plan button.

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    Carefully read the Legal Disclaimer.

  5. Check the box next to I understand and acknowledge this legal disclaimer.

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  6. Click on the Submit button.

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    The Create New Plan setup screen will appear:

    cfp 005.png

  7. Set your Plan Name in the corresponding field.

    The Subscription (Monthly) plan will be pre-populated. You can select a different plan type as needed.

    cfp 006.png

  8. Enter the number of days for the plan’s Payment Due Date.

    Option 1: ‘X’ days after plan is saved - The system will automatically bill your client ‘X’ days after saving the plan to a client’s profile.

    cfp 007.png

    Option 2: When the first Round 1 letter is created/saved. When selecting this, the system will bill your client once you create their first round 1 letter.

  9. (Optional) Toggle the First Work Fee switch on and enter the desired Amount.

    cfp 008.png

    You must toggle this switch On if you’d like to charge a first work fee (i.e., initial consultation, paperwork, etc.)

  10. Set the Amount for the Recurring Monthly Fee.

    cfp 009.png

    Recurring Monthly Fees are charged on the Payment Due Date, and every month thereafter according to the Plan Duration.

  11. Select either Indefinitely (Charges Until Cancelled) or Collect for ‘X’ month(s) for the Plan Duration.

    cfp 010.png

  12. Click on Create Plan.

    cfp 011.png

    You are now one step closer to automating your billing process!

    Your billing plan will appear under Manage Plans - Active Plans.

    cfp 012.png


How can I activate/deactivate a billing plan?

Important Note:

In order to deactivate a plan, you can’t have any active clients under said plan.

Deactivating a plan may be useful when sunsetting a certain plan and to keep your Active plans section clean.

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

  2. Click on Billing & Payments.

    bap 001.png

  3. Click on Manage Plans.

    cfp 013.png

  4. Toggle the switch as needed under Inactive/Active.

    cfp 014.png
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