How to activate a billing plan for a client?



Once your merchant account has been approved and you have an active billing plan, it's time to assign the plan to a client profile.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


How to activate a billing plan for a client?

Next, we'll guide you through activating a billing plan for an existing client. You can also assign plans when creating a new client profile.

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

  2. Click on Clients.

    abpc 002.png

  3. Click on the Actions menu next to the client you want to activate.

    abpc 001.png

  4. Click on Plan Actions.

    abpc 003.png

  5. Select a plan from the dropdown menu. 

    abpc 004.png

  6. Click on Select Plan to confirm your choice.

    abpc 005.png

    Congratulations! The billing plan has been assigned successfully.

    Now, you need to collect your client’s card details so we can charge them accordingly.


How can I collect my client’s payment information?

Once you assign the plan to your client, you’ll see two options to collect your client’s payment information.

abpc 006.png


Email Credit Card Collection

  1. Click on Email Credit Card Collection.

    abpc 007.png

  2. Confirm your client’s email address.

    abpc 009.png
  3. Click on Send Email.


Enter Credit Card Manually

  1. Click on Enter Credit Card Manually.

    abpc 008.png

  2. Enter your client’s payment information.

    abpc 0010.png

  3. Click on Save.
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