Part 6: How to grow a profitable credit repair business


The Subscription Model

Traditionally, a credit repair business follows a subscription-model, where clients pay you a monthly fee for "document processing" and "credit education."  When we think of subscriptions, we think of magazines, but another example is razor blades. Buy a razor and every so often you'll to buy new blades for it. The "subscription" model follows a simple proven recipe: If you can keep happy clients paying you monthly and a cost-effective way to attract more, your recurring revenue will quickly multiply.

How lucrative is a Credit Repair Business?

This credit repair business calculator will show you the potential of this low-cost startup. Scaling is made possible because software minimizes the work to a few minutes each month.


What are the costs?

It's the world's most affordable startup. All you need is a computer, a phone, and software.


How do Successful Credit Repair Companies make millions?

The secret is simple:

  • If you keep existing "paying" clients happy"
  • And you add a few more clients each month
  • Your revenue will grow larger every month!

This business model has been around for years. We've just made it easier to be profitable. Our software is so unique, it's patented.

You can check out our ROI Calculator to see how you can grow your business.


How do you get so many clients?

One of the best ways to get leads (and clients!) is through affiliates.

Affiliates can be Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Auto Dealers, CPAs, and attorneys who refer clients to you. Your service helps their business, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Everything is tracked.


The best part...

It pays for itself with your first few clients...

and all the rest are profit!


The "Recipe"

Minimize your workflow to handle more clients in less time. This is where software is key.

Focus on increasing client satisfaction (to extend the average client lifetime value).

Increase your flow of leads (from affiliates, website, word of mouth or pay-per-click ads).

Monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). When lifetime value exceeds cost-to-acquire a client, you have a scalable business!


Keep existing clients (maintain a low churn rate).

Increasing your flow of leads is important, but always remember that the most valuable clients are the ones you already have. Keep them happy. Happy clients have the longest lifecycle and highest lifetime value (and they're your best advertising).


Monitor the health of your business

If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user, use your Business Dashboard to monitor conversion rate, churn rate and average revenue per client, as these are the KPIs (key performance indicators) for the health and profitability of your business. Understanding Average revenue helps you determine a budget for customer acquisition. Spikes in cancelations or high churn rate are indicators of unhappy clients or a problem on your team.



Understand the flow of the software

After entering a client into Credit Repair Cloud, the work is minimal. The software automates and simplifies the work, keeps it organized, reminds you for follow-ups and the Business Dashboard monitors your clients, your affiliates, your team and the overall health and profitability of your business.


The software will reduce your workflow and your cost (which is important to scale a business), but software can only work if you follow the flow.

Credit Repair Cloud has tools to manage your team, your clients, your affiliates (who refer clients to you) and to monitor the overall success and profitability of your business. It also has tools to communicate securely with clients and affiliates with a secure portal they can log into for real-time status of the progress of your work. The beauty of the client portal is that it saves you from unnecessary calls asking for status updates. 


The Flow:

  • New lead appears in your credit repair cloud (from your website or your affiliate) or leads calls and you add them manually.
  • Your salesperson converts that Lead to Prospect and then finally to Client.
  • Creating a client profile is when you sent the client portal login details to the client.
  • Collect necessary documents from the clients: Photo ID, Utility Bill and Power of Attorney letter (optional).
  • Order all 3 reports and scores (usually the client does this with an online service like IdentityIQ or SmartCredit and send you the login details (recommended).
  • Examine the reports for errors. If you're using credit report import, tag and save all the items you wish to dispute.
  • Use the dispute wizard to create dispute letters to send to credit bureaus. Never dispute more than 5 items in a 30 day period. The biggest companies in Credit Repair limit disputes to 2-3 items per month.
  • Wait for 30 days while the bureaus investigate and respond.  Items are either removed or verified
  • If bureaus respond that the item is verified, challenge the verification. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Occasionally communicate with creditors directly. Same rules apply.
  • Keep clients happy so they will continue monthly service and they will tell others how awesome you are.
  • Add more affiliates who refer clients, add more team members for processing.
  • Monitor the business dashboard for trends such as unusual drop-offs of active clients or high churn rate as these are strong indicators of unhappy clients or a problem on your team.


Many companies that use our software use this same workflow. Try it yourself!



The Bottom Line

Building a successful business does take work and testing. Credit Repair Cloud has all the tools to manage your business to help minimize your workflow and maximize both your profits and scalability.  


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